Topos Travel

Our carefully selected components of the Travel Industry and our prompt service will turn your stay in Greece to an unforgettable experience!


About us

Topos Travel was founded by a team of friends and family, with a 28-year experience as professional guides and organizers in Greece. All the members of our team are locals and have extensive knowledge of our country, wishing to share it with you.


We are in Greece, we are native Greeks, living here, speaking Greek and able to help you in case you need us to.

Our Staff

Danai: Once, princess of ancient Greece, Vicky: The Coordinator Maria: Our agency octopus with her 8 tentacles..Nikolas: Dreaming between land, sky Kostas: Our Topos “Trouble” guy …George: Our software monster …Ilias: The “maestro” !.

Our Team

What We Do


  • Animation
    Folk dancers, Dj, musicians & orchestras, singers. Performers, magicians, clowns etc Fireworks Games, competitions Sport activities
  • Venues & Catering
    Corporate or Family Event, we provide a limited selection among a wide range of venues and catering, in order to guarantee top quality…
  • Accommodation
    From All Inclusive to Self Catering and from Gay Friendly to Pet Friendly accommodation, we deal with selected hotels, villas, houses, apartments, country…
  • Transfers & Transportation
      LAND   BUSES, MINI BUSES 11- 74 seats MINI VANS 6-9 seats chauffeur or self driven car rentals TAXIS LIMOS CAR RENTALS…
  • Tickets
    AIR TICKETS for all domestic and international flights. BOAT TICKETS for all ferries, fast ferries, catamarans & hydrofoils TICKETS for: FESTIVALS, THEATERS, OPERA,…
  • Licensed Guides
    In Greece, tourist guiding is a recognized profession. The organization of Tourism Education and Training (O.T.E.K) is the specialized Greek state institution that…
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Αφροδίτης 8, ΤΚ 10558, Πλάκα, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

Τ & Φ: +30 215 515 86 66

Κινητό: +30 6932 735533


Αριθμός Αδείας ΕΟΤ: 0206E60000370701



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