Other Services and Escorts

  • Accommodation: Hotels, villas, studios
  • Transfer and Transportation:
  • Land: Coaches (20 to 74 seats), minibuses, minivans, taxis, limos and car rental.
  • Sea and Air: ribs, sailboats,motor ships, yachts, mega yachts, helicopters, Learjet.


  • Tickets
  • Licenced Guides, Escorts, Assistans, Interpets
  • Venues and Catering
  • Animation: Folk, Orchestras, DJ, etc.
  • Escorts
  • Escort is the professional who assures your hassle free travel, providing all the technical and other info needed for each dedtination and taking care of you in case an inconvenience occurs. Escorts welcom you upon arrival and are available any moment of your stay. An Escort is not and cannot replace a licensed guide.

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