Licensed Guides

In Greece, tourist guiding is a recognized profession.

The organization of Tourism Education and Training (O.T.E.K) is the specialized Greek state institution that provides education and training for professions in the field of Tourism. The tourist guide first successfully completes training (3 years). Then the guide registers with the Department of Tourism through the local tourism authorities and the union of guides of the area he works. After registration, the tourist guide receives an identity card and a badge which must be displayed at all times when conducting guided tours. Guiding without the G.N.T.O. is illegal ( low 710/77).

Many guides have further professional, academic and other special qualifications to further illuminate your tour. (Besides working as registered guides are also graduates of Archaeology, History, Art ).

All our guides are professional licensed and registered with the Ministry of Tourism (G.N.T.O.).

While visiting GREECE make the most of your trip booking a licensed tourist guide.

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