Numismatic Museum

Numismatic Museum - Iliou Melathron

The Numismatic Museum is situated on Panepistimiou (Eleftheriou Venizelou) Street close to Syntagma Square. It is housed in the Iliou Melathron (Palace of Ilion), the house of the famous German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) who excavated Troy (ancient Ilion) and Mycenae.

The museum was founded in 1834 and displays important collections of coins, molybdobulls (coins made of molten metal), medals and precious stones from ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, the Orient, medieval and modern Europe, United States and modern Greece. The museum is unique in Greece and one of the most important of its kind in the world.

Open:   Tue- Sun.    08:30am - 15:00pm  -  Mon : CLOSED

Entrance Fee: 6€

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